About AILY

From a dream to a movement

January 2015 marks Athens Church’s 10 year anniversary. That’s right: we have now enjoyed a decade’s worth of God’s abundant provision here in our city and the expansion of this church we now call home. From our humble start at Cedar Shoals High School, to the Classic Center, to our home at 10 Huntington Road. From our occupation of just 40% of the original build-out to opening the Warehouse last fall. A lot has happened very, very quickly.

We own what can only be called a campus now. But we need to do something with it.

If you are reading this, chances are you are one of this church’s most visible leaders, most generous donors, and most tireless servants. We want to continue dreaming about the impact Athens Church might have on this city and, as always, we’re asking that you help lead the way.

Bottom line: There are thousands of Athenians who don’t know Jesus. They need a place they may bring their baggage, their doubts, and their bad church experiences. And we need more space to welcome them. It’s as simple as that.

Join us as we celebrate our story, dream about the future,
and learn how you can participate in the mission.