An Automation Giving Story

We recently received this email from an Athens Church member who is currently taking the 90-Day Automation Challenge. Obviously, we just had to share.

As a matter of habit, I have traditionally held on to my practice of physically writing out my tithing check each month, praying over it as I wrote it and placed it into the bucket. And I really struggled to let this “ritual” go. My hope was always to be mindful and prayerful in my generosity and, initially, I feared that would be taken from me if I weren’t actually writing out the check with each contribution.

With the explanation, however, about how automated giving helps with budgetary planning, I came to realize that nothing need stop my prayerfulness in regards to my giving. Ultimately, the heart behind my gift wasn’t contingent upon the physical act of placing a check in a bucket.

To be honest, it feels a little more personal now because my giving is truly done “in private.” I’d never considered the public piece of the way I had been giving. This realization was just an added bonus I’ve learned through automating.