Remembering Our Story

In 2004, Athens Church was just an idea in the hearts of a few bold visionaries—only the second of what was then an untested concept North Point Community Church called “strategic partners.” And what has transpired since did not occur overnight. On the contrary, the last ten years has involved thousands of individuals giving sacrificially, volunteering their time selflessly, and putting their reputations on the line as they invited their friends week after week.

We opened in the Fine Arts Building of Cedar Shoals High School on January 23, 2005 and remained there until the summer of 2007, when we moved to the Classic Center downtown. We were a “portable church” for nearly seven years. Teams of volunteers would show up every Sunday before 6:00am to prep the facility for services. These same individuals would then stay hours after church packing everything back into storage. It was a labor of love.

In June 2011, we moved into a renovated Wal-Mart as our first permanent home. In 2012, we completed our Room to Grow initiative. And in 2013, we purchased the remainder of our shopping center. It has been a busy decade.

But these are just spaces and timelines, a hollow narrative until considering that each building houses the stories of a people on mission in their city. Stories, essentially, of lives changed forever. This is what we celebrate. And we cannot wait to see what the next decade brings.

Read on to learn how you can dream with us, and participate alongside us.