The Next Ten Years

Making an environment irresistible

Every ministry environment communicates something. There are no neutral environments. The quality, consistency, and personal impact of your ministry environments will define your church.
Andy Stanley, Deep and Wide

Our dream here at Athens Church is, quite simply, to remain a church that unchurched people love to attend. Every one of our ministerial environments—from Waumba Land to Starting Point—contributes toward this objective. But we have run out of room. Again.

We believe the next two years are unique and strategic in the life of this church. We want to go further faster. We want to create space for the next generation. And we need your help. Specifically, we aim to expand and improve every environment of our church culture.

You can download the ‘multi-phase’ Master Plan pdf here.

  • Waumba Land:
    -Adding a unique entrance for parents with preschoolers
    -Building a new Large Group space
    -Adding small group rooms for 250+ additional preschoolers
  • Upstreet:
    -Creating an additional Upstreet check-in area
    -Adding a Large Group space for 3rd – 5th graders
    -Constructing small group rooms for 250+ additional elementary kids
  • Transit:
    -Designating an area solely for Transit use
    -Building a brand new Large Group space for middle school students
    -Constructing small group rooms for 250+ additional middle schoolers
    -Adding a new social space
  • Inside Out:
    -Designating an area solely for Inside Out use, with its own entrance
    -Creating a new Large Group space for high school students
    -Constructing small group rooms for 250+ additional high schoolers
    -Adding a new social space
  • Groups / Starting Point:
    -Designating a new Guest Services area
    -Adding a Starting Point orientation room
    -Constructing several new Starting Point meeting spaces
    -Creating a new NEXT room
  • Adults / College Students:
    -Creating a new, centralized church entrance
    -Adding a 2,000 seat auditorium
    -Converting our current welcome area into a cafe area

Read on to learn how you can celebrate with us, and participate alongside us.